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-Enjoy a day of Small Mouth Bass Fishing or Several other types of fishing!

-fish with  20+ years of Fishing guide experience!

-Our rate, based on an eight hour day, is $200.00/person

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Oregon Small Mouth Bass Fishing At Its Finest

What we provide on a fishing trip:

  • Gear and tackle
  • Lunch
  • Care of your catch

What you bring:

  • Rain gear
  • Warm clothing
  • license and tag (or one day license)

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Fish-On-North-West Fishing Guide Service

Fish-On Northwest was started in 1997 as the result of working in Alaska for one season. I went to Alaska to see if I wanted to be a fishing guide. After spending four months working for a lodge in Alaska, I decide this is what I wanted. The first few years were a struggle, but since my business has continued to grow into what it is today. Each year I spend much of my time on the water chasing the runs of salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, trout, and smallmouth bass. My business has created many wonderful friendships with clients.
Today I spend my time between work and family. My wife Jenny and I have two awesome girls, Libby and Peyton. Both are full of energy, and Jenny and I are excited to show them the world. Jenny could not be more understanding of my schedule and time away from home. My have established a balance that works for us and our family. I hope to have a chance to spend a day with you on one or Oregon’s rivers experiencing what our state has to offer.


Check Out Fishing Videos!


Steelhead video

Sturgeon video-Astoria OR

Small Mouth Bass Fishing on the Umpqua River: May, June, July, August


Smallmouth bass is a great summer fishery. It takes place on the Umpqua river near the town of Elkton, Oregon just an hour SW of Eugene. Our goal is to catch 100 fish a day in the summer. Fishing starts in the spring and continues through summer depending on water conditions. Plastics and crankbaits are the ticket for the majority of the season. We use light tackle to make the most of these hard fighting fish. This is a great trip for families and kids because of the steady action.


Salmon: March, April, May, June, August, September, October, November, December

IMG00009-20100912-1706Salmon fishing in Oregon has much to offer, whether it be Spring Chinook or Fall Chinook. Our Spring season is spent on the Columbia, Willamette, Mckenzie, and Umpqua rivers. Spring salmon tend to be smaller than Oregon’s Fall salmon, however they are the best tasting salmon. Fall salmon fishing starts in August and continues in December. Our primary fisheries include the Siuslaw, Umpqua, and Coos rivers. The Elk and Sixes rivers are the go to place for late Fall fishing which takes us into December. Most of the fishing in the months of August, September, and October are done trolling in the bays which offer chrome bright salmon in the 20 to 30 pound range. Each larger fish are caught which can reach 50 pounds.



Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon fishing can be fished any month of the year, however my favorite time to fish sturgeon is during June and July in Astoria. Plan on catching 20 to 50 fish a day. These fish range from three to seven feet in length. My goal is to spend time fishing shallow water each day if possible. The sand flats in Astoria create an abundant source of food for sturgeon.

Fishing in Portland takes place all year. Generally we catch more fish than Astoria, but many of the fish tend to smaller and the water is deeper. For people who are just interested in catching fish and having a great day, Portland sturgeon fishing is hard to beat.


Steelhead: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, December

Oregon offers many opportunities to catch steelhead. Oregon has two runs of steelhead, winter and summer. Winter fishing takes place on many of the coastal streams. Fish-On Northwest focuses on fishing the Umpqua, Siuslaw, Lake Creek, Nestucca, and Coquille rivers. The Umpqua river starts fishing first in December. The Umpqua tends to produce the largest numbers of fish when fishable, with the majority being wild fish. The Nestucca river generally fishes into April with a good percentage of bright fish late into the season. It also offer the occasional summer fish in April.

Trout Fishing: All Year

Trout can be caught year round on the Mckenzie and Willamette rivers in Eugene, Oregon. The most popular fishing takes place on the Mckenzie river during the spring and summer months. We fly fish and also use conventional gear depending on the angler and their needs. The Mckenzie offers a unique experience that most anglers do not get to experience. We pull over for shore lunches, cooking the fish they caught earlier in the day. This gives us a chance to take a break and experience the beauty of the Mckenzie river. Trout have turned into one of my favorites. redside

About The Boats

driftboatFish-On Northwest Fishing Guide has 3 beautiful boats!  Each is used for different fishing situations.   We have a 25 foot Koffler Jet Sled, that will seat 6 clients very comfortably, a 22 foot Koffler Jet Sled, which seats four passengers and also a 20 foot Koffler Drift-boat, which also seats four passengers.  Our goal is to make sure you are safe, comfortable, and that you experience the fishing trip of your lifetime.  Shane will share his extensive knowledge of fishing,including his best kept  fishing techniques, what bait to use, and how deep to fish. he’ll even show you some of his most productive hot spots! We offer the very best bait, tackle and gear money can buy.


Client Testimonials

Interested in Fishing with us? Check out some of our client testimonials below!

Kathy Zachow


Shane has been our guide for the past 8 years. He is a family man, and when you board his boat you are family. His focus is on you having a good time and being successful. Shane’s trips include soft drinks, snacks, and lunch. A real treat these days. You can tell by his actions that he truly loves what he does and enjoys sharing it with others. Give it a try.

Mike Woolley


I have been fishing with Shane of Fish-On Northwest for over 11 years. I’ve chartered Fish-On Northwest for company trips, friends/family targeting salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon. I have never been disappointed even on the days the weather didn’t cooperate. The fishing, professionalism, cooking, and entertainment is always off the hook.

Diana K. Antone


I'm Antone and I've been fishing with Groshong of Fish-on Northwest, since Jan. 2001. yes for a total of 145 times. He is a excellent fishing guide. He has become my friend too. He really makes any day on the river fun, even when it is raining hard and cold, so cold the guides on the rod freeze over with ice. He is kind, and instructive in the technique of where to cast your line, and if you miss the spot he lets you know, but in a kind manner. He wants you to be successful and have a grand experience on the river enjoying the beauties of nature as we live in a beautiful part of America. I've never been concerned about safety on the river with Shane Groshong. He is the only guide I would ever recommend to anyone, just because he is the best.

Vikki Sheerer


We have had the pleasure of fishing with Shane for over ten years, both sturgeon & salmon. We have total confidence in his safe boating practices and his ability to find the fish. Shane relies on his years of experience and his cooperative network with other fishing guides to keep informed on where "the bite is on". His trips are always fun and he works tirelessly to make them successful. His boat and equipment are clean and working at top performance. He is organized & fully prepared for each & every trip. In short, Shane Groshong goes way above & beyond to assure that his clients have a positive, comfortable & memorable experience on the water.

Justin Thomas


I have been taking employees and clients fishing with Shane and fish on NW for 10 years. Not only is Shane an extremely knowledgeable fishing guide, but he also recognizes the importance of the overall experience. We always have a great time enjoying the outdoors while being very successful catching fish! His equipment is top notch and his service is second to none, you come away at the end of the day wanting to book your next trip. Thanks for all the great times!!

 Kathy Zachow
Mike Woolley
Diana K. Antone
Vikki Sheerer
Justin Thomas

Booking Forecast

Fish-On Northwest works on a first come, first serve basis. Tohold a day of fishing a call or email must be received with the date wanting to fish, along with a $100.00 deposit for the trip, not person At that time a confirmation will be sent to you through email, or letter confirmation. Refunds will be given if you cancel prior to 30 days of the date booked.

Fish-On Northwest has the right to cancel based upon water conditons. At thiat time a refund will be sent back to you , or you may reschedule for a later date. Some water conditions are unsafe, or the water may be to muddy to fish with success


A full refund of your deposit will be mailed to you if cancel 30 days prior to the date. We reserve the right to cancel any trip due to inclement weather or other unsafe conditions. Upon cancellation, we will either return your deposit, or reschedule your trip. Lets Go Fishing!

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-20+ years of Fishing Guide Experience
-Finest Small Mouth Bass Fishing In Oregon

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